Use this page to make recommendations on behalf of candidate pilots. In order to make a recommendation, you must provide your own email address that can be successfully verified. Recommendations are matched to candidates based on their profile primary email address. Make sure to verify the correct email address from the candidate pilot you are recommending. When you choose to let the candidate know you have made a recommendation it does not generate an email to the candidate, it only makes your name and email and the fact a recommendation was submitted on their behalf viewable to the Candidate on their References Page.

All recommendations are reviewed by Pilot Credentials before they are posted. Recommendations will not be accepted that contain inflammatory language or derogatory remarks.  So please keep your recommendation professional.



Note: All active AA employees are asked to use your company sponsored email address.  If you are on a Leave, or do not have an email address, please use your personal email and be sure to include your name and employee number in the body of your recommendation.


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