Q: How does Pilot Credentials work?

A: You create and maintain your own Pilot Profile that is stored in our database. Your profile includes flight hours, certifications, education, and other information relating to your professional experience. Your profile data is automatically matched against the minimum qualifications of American Airlines.  In addition, the hiring office uses your profile information in their hiring process. This eliminates the need for you to fill out multiple forms. After a successful interview, your profile information is used to generate all the necessary hiring documents. This saves time and streamlines the hiring process in order to get you in the cockpit.


Q: How long does it take to fill out a Pilot Profile?

A: This will vary with the amount of personal history, flight hours and other details you have to enter.  Most profiles can go from sign up to ready to compare minimum qualifications with Air Carrier qualifications in less than an hour.

Q: What data is stored in my Profile?

A: Your contact information, previous addresses, flight hours, education history, work experience, and references. We also store uploaded attachments that may be requested by recruiting offices. We do not store social security numbers, driver's license numbers, passport numbers, or credit card numbers.

Q: Why does my Aircraft Summary Subtotal on the Flight Hours Page show I have cargo time when i have only flown passengers?

A: The Aircraft Summary Subtotal on the Flight Hours Page reflects attributes of the aircraft. For example, a B727 is used for both passengers and cargo. An F16, on the other hand, would never be used for passengers or cargo. If you have flown passengers in a B727 the Aircraft Summary Subtotal will show flight hours under cargo as well as passengers. This does not misrepresent your flying time, it merely states you have flown an aircraft that can be used for cargo.

Q: How often can I update my profile?

A: You can update as often as you like.

Q: What if my aircraft or certification is not on your list?

A: Email us at and we will attempt to list your certification.


Q: How does Pilot Credentials protect me from identity theft?

A: No sensitive data such as social security number or driver's license numbers are required.
    We do not store your credit card information on our servers.
    We will not share your information to any third party without your consent.


Q: How do I get help with my account or profile?

A:  If you are having difficulty updating your profile, creating a new profile, or are encountering other issues:

  • email us at
  • description of what went wrong including any error messages
  • type and version of the web browser you were using when you encountered problems
  • include screen snapshots if you can

Q: What if I have been hired and are no longer looking for employment?

A: Go to your profile summary page and mark your status as hired. You can also set your profile to not visible.


Q: What is Paperless Hiring?

A: Paperless Hiring is a tool used by hiring offices that use your profile data to generate hiring and FAA documents automatically. This saves an enormous amount of time for the hiring office.


Q: What if I already have a profile with FedEx or Southwest Airlines?

A: FedEx and Southwest Airlines maintain their own database of profiles independent of each other and Pilot Credentials Global. For legal reasons, only pilots meeting their respective minimum qualifications can create profiles for FedEx and SWA. However, any pilot can create a profile in Pilot Credentials Global. If you have a FedEx or SWA profile, updates made to your Global Profile can be posted to your FedEx or SWA profiles eliminating the need to re-key your profile data. Use the Data Synch tool on your Pilot Credentials Global profile page to apply updates your other Pilot Credentials profiles.

Q:  What are the differences between PIC, SIC and Instructor Time when logged into the Flight Hours?


A: Here are the guidelines:

  • PIC (Pilot In Command) = Any time you signed for the plane as aircraft commander
      or solo including all instructor time.
  • SIC (Second In Command) = Any time you acted as second in command and/or didn't sign for the plane. 
      This DOES include dual/student time.
  • Instructor = Only the time you logged as an instructor, regardless of the time being reported in PIC. 
      Instructor time is PIC time. It belongs in both columns.

Q: How do I know my Profile is done and ready for review?

A:  After completing all sections of your profile, set your Profile Visibility to Published so your Profile is Visible and ready for review.  See that you have all green check marks on your Profile Summary page.  The last check mark on your Profile Summary page saying 'Published' is your thumbs up.  You are ready for review.

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